Saturday, October 27, 2007

Celebrity Style... Craving Cate Blanchett

In General, i am not a fan of celebrity style, but when i have to think about it, Cate Blanchett is in a league of her own. I don't think there are any other celebrities who even come close to her level of perfection when it comes to style expect maybe the Olsen twins and Victoria Beckham. Cate is never afraid of risks and wears everything that she chooses with the confidence that makes you believe it. It is people like her who make the fashion world go round. Here of some of my favorite of Cate's looks:
Givenchy Couture
Armani Privé
Alexander Mcqueen
Ralph Lauren

Cate has always had incredible style but it is in recent times that she has taken it above and beyond. Way to go Cate! Keep inspiring us all!

Who's Next? Paul

yes, paul is her name
she is with trump and she takes my breath away
keep an eye out for this girl

trump is rocking the new faces lately.
it's all about paul....

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Forgot about fall...

with all the talk of what is to come for spring 2008, i thought i'd like to focus on what is right now! here are my favorite things from fall 2007...
Oversize coat, Yves St Laurent

Statement Coat, Givenchy

Bow Clutch, Prada

Ethreal Dress, Rodarte

Gigantic Scarf, Giles

Sleek Cape, Jil Sander

School Bag, MiuMiu

Hat, Marc Jacobs

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

if only she were tall...

Julia, from "Johnny and I Love You" agency.
only 5'7

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Top 10 Models from Spring 2008

Who's next? Jessica

How can you say no to this 15 year old 5'9 beauty with New York Models?

Model update: Katriina Okane

Katriina at Ann Demeulemeester SS '08
About a month ago i made a post about the "fleeting fin" Katriina O'kane and how she was bound for success this season in Paris. That didn't necessarily happen as she only walked for hot new designer Rad Hourani and Ann Demeulemeester. However, Success has found Katriina in a different form. As of today, Katriina O'kane is with Supreme model management. After being spotted by Paul Rowland (founder of Supreme and photographer of the above image) at Rad's show, Katriina was whisked off to NYC and immediately shot and signed with the agency. If Supreme's history is anything to judge by, then Katriina should definitely be bracing herself for great things to come.
You can see the rest of Katriina's book on the Supreme website and keep an eye out for this Finnish beauty in March '08.

The shoes you'll be wanting for spring


Derek Lam

Yves St Laurent

Pierre Hardy

Jil Sander

Marc Jacobs


Proenza Schouler

The shoe that lost its soul

Around six months ago, when watching the fall 2007 Prada shoe i was enamoured by the amazing footwear i was seeing, the details the HIGH, curved heel and the satin. i instantly put them on my must-have lists for the season. but when they got to the stores, these amazing shoes were not to be seen in the Prada collection, all that could be found was the sad, low, pump pictured below.
Where are the amazing shoes that Anabela almost broke her tiny legs in?