Thursday, January 31, 2008

Shea's All That

When IMG's show package arrived this season, it was a blend of old Prada excluives and millionaire supermodels, but one new, previously unseen face stood out, Shea. It may be the name, it may be the bowl cut, but something about Shea is seriously intreaguing.

Already receiving comparisons to a certain edgy londoner named Agnyess Deyn, Shea is well on her way to becoming a household name. Attending every major casting so far, including the directional new "it" designer Rad Hourani, Shea is already starting to make her mark on the big apple.Keep an eye out for this edgy newcomer from IMG with the perfect 5'11" frame, Shea's driving eveerybody nuts!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Who's Next? Malin

We don't know much about Marilyn's newest member, but we know that Malin has a face and presence that is nothing short of Magnificent.
Keep watch for this girl, I smell an exclusive...

Bewildering Jill Bauwens

A Haute Couture standout this season was the amazing Jill Bauwens (above at Anne Valarie Hash). she has been hard to track down lately as the final arrangements were being made for her New York agency switch.
Her recent switch to Ford marks the beginning of the Agency's comeback as she is added to their exciting list of new faces.
Jill is not entirely new in the industry, she walked for Nina Ricci last season in Paris as well as the brands Pre-Fall show in new york.
Her 5'11" 33-24-33 frame makes her one of the most promising faces for this upcoming season. Keep watch for Fords hottest newcomer, we're sure to be eating her runway dust.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Who's Next? Bridget

Australian Bridget Malcolm is the latest addition to the IMG ny development board, could this mean that there could be something amazing in the works for her?

her sultry eyes and perfect skin help make sure that Bridget is not forgotten. My God, Australia just keeps turning them out!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Shift towards Schiff

Meet the amazing Maxine Schiff. This stunner got her start during the Spring 2008 show season in Milan, but was not too well received. Since then however, she has appeared in MUSE and Amica magazines, and has been shot for Russian Vogue.
We see Maxine excel during the current Couture season in Paris, this lovely lady has walked Anne Valerie Hash already and there is still two more days of shows.
Her strong, yet classic beauty, is sure to be in demand for fall 2008, keep watch for Maxine, we'll see her everywhere.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Who's Next? Marikke

The Daria resemblance is uncanny, but lets hope that Marikke can make a name for herself in the Fall 2008 show season.
At a giant 6'2", She may be a hard sell to some, but those who know what to look for will snap up Marikke in a second.
this girl's going places, she could very well be what's next!

The 10 to Watch... Fall 2008

Fall 2008 is almost here and with castings already beginning it's that time again! Here are my favorite faces of the moment far fall 2008 that i think we will be seeing much more of. All of them have been featured previously on The Clotheshorse, some as early as six months ago, but it is now that we'll see them succeed. Cate and Paul have been shot by Meisel already and Katriina can put 10 magazine and POP on her resume. Diana, Skye and Iris have already hit the Pre Fall runways and Aussie Abbey Lee has a major Testino campaign under her belt. Some have less experience as well but their raw goods are what casting directors and designers alike are finding interesting.
We'll be seeing all of these amazing faces on the New York runways this season without a doubt, so keep it on the clotheshorse for weekly updates on these 10 to watch... Let the games begin!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Who's Next? Hawa

Hawa has been my computer background for some time now.
Her unbelievable Ethiopian beauty is right on trend right now, and despite the slow streak in her career lately, i feel like it's Hawa's time to shine.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Model Update: Paul

I first introduced you to Paul back in October 2007 and since then a lot has happened for this girl. Her odd, harsh beauty has caught the eye of a world class photographer and known model maker. She just shot Italian Vogue with Steven Meisel and is on track to be the next Meghan Collison. at 5'10", this androgynous wonder even has what it takes to make it on the top runways.
We'll have to wait some months to see what happens with that but my bet is that Paul will be picked up by all major casting directors. And with a name like Paul, where can you go wrong?

Captivating Camille

The newest face at New York Models, Camille, has people buzzing. This poetic redhead has already been shot by all of the newest, hottest photographers and is becoming somewhat of a muse for some.
Camille is one of New York's newest stars, and her quirky look is proving popular among casting directors. Could Camille be the breakout star of the season? Could very well be.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Who's Next? Lena

This icey Russian stunner brings to mind a young Snejana.
She's not placed outside of Russia yet, but you can bank on her success.
Absolutely breathtaking!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

A Supreme Suprise

Supreme's latest website update packed a punch. Supreme has 4 new exciting faces on their very selective board. All of them are new to me except Kasia, the Supreme/Vmagazine model search winner. Keep watch for these girl, with this addition so close to shows, you know that there is something up mr. Paul Rowland's sleeve.
Kasia 5'10.5 - Canada

Thaysse 5'9.5" - Brazil

Natalia 5'9.5" - Brazil

Marina 5'11" - Russia

Friday, January 11, 2008

The Terrific Tara Gill

In recent months, Canada has seen a surge of stars conquering the runways. Simona, Katriina, Meghan, Cate, Kori, Taryn and now Tara. The 5'11.5" Tara Gill is one of the most promising new faces for Fall 2008. Her entire body hangs off of her cheekbones and does it ever so gracefully.
DNA's Canadian import already has some modeling experience under her belt, Walking for such shows as Givenchy, Ralph Lauren and Hermes. She seemed to fly under the radar last season after holding out for a major exclusive in Milan. This time around, DNA will not take that risk.
Her beauty is undeniable and her body is remarkable, what's stopping Tara from becoming the next big face in Fashion? Keep watch for this shady stunner, she's bound to be everywhere.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Who's Next? Fabienne

This 5'10" stunner has already shot for Australian Harper's Bazaar and Teen Vogue, but her success is not limited to that. a MAJOR, single girl editorial is in the works for Trump's latest addition.
This Australian cool girl is headed for the big leagues. Looks like a super Ashley Olsen, no?

Saturday, January 5, 2008

The Glamour that is Gaye

Back in May of 2007, the buzz began about Next's Gaye Mcdonald. Hailing from Jamaica, Gaye's big break came in the form of winning a minor model search. The buzz soon died out and it was believed that Gaye had disappeared from the scene.
Months later, Gaye was a virtual unknown that landed the hottest show in Paris, Lanvin. Second last look out, Gaye made us all wonder, who's that girl? Her silky, chocolate, skin and sky high cheekbones were just what was needed in this now whitewashed industry.

Gaye can now be seen in The United Colors of Benneton campaign alongside Chanel and Tatyana in all major magazines. Her incredible 5'9 frame lands her a spot on my must have list for Fall 2008. So Regal!

Friday, January 4, 2008

It's Ultimately Uliana

Trumps latest newcomer, Uliana Tikhova flew under the radar for fall 2007 then appeared at Nina Ricci twice and got people buzzing. In the following months, Uliana booked W magazine's new face story and was out of the gate.
Uliana started the Spring 2008 shows with Marc Jacobs and Marc by Marc, Marni in Milan and then hit her stride in Paris. Uliana Walked everything from McQueen to Nina Ricci (which she closed) and quickly became another Trump must have.
This girls 5'11" flame has not burn out yet however, she has since landed the cover of SOMA magazine and had editorials in Mixte and Russian Vogue. Word is on the street that this is just the beginning for Uliana, her edgy beauty is bound to take her far. Stay Tuned...

Who's Next? Barbora

This stunning Swede's symmetry draws your eye in. Barbora is definitely the future of modeling. So effortless!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Daring Diana

This Russian beauty is the latest newcomer from IMG new york to be catching the worlds' eye. at a gigantic 5'11.5" (5' of which is legs), Diana is definitely a front runner for the fall 2008 show season.
After a short stint at DNA, Diana was whisked up by IMG and prepped for stardom. Diana was seen recently as the main attraction at the Valentino Pre-fall 2008 collection in New York City.

This fantastic blonde has everything she needs to have a long, Raquelesque career. And her impossibly perfect measurements of 33-23-33 don't hurt either. You may not be able to say her last name, but you'll for sure remember that face. Diana is one to watch!