Sunday, December 23, 2007

Who's Next? Sai

With crazy thick hair and a killer rock star attitude, Sai from Models 1 is definitely one to watch. And the with a name like Sai and eyes like that, it doesn't get much better.

The new Zuzanna

Zuzanna Krzatala who has gone from selling birth control products on TV to being signed with Supreme and shot by Paul Rowland. This stunner is rumoured to be an option for Prada's next opening slot and i would be shocked if she didn't land it. Zuzanna flew under the radar in London despite appearing in Christopher Kane.
The secret of Zuzanna was not missed by all however, as Paul Rowland plucked her from the show and took her to new york to be re-launched. Launched she was, into stardom. Her Polaroids were expertly dispersed to all of the people who needed to know about this prismatic new face, and they freaked. Zuzanna is sure to be a big hit come Fall 2008. With all these new must-have girls, is there even room for the old ones?

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Loving Lovisa

Young Lovisa Ingman is one of the mysterious Russel Marsh Prada exclusives for Spring 2008. We only her saw her once that season, on the Prada runway, but her quirky looks left a lasting impression.
Despite disappearing after that show, Lovisa has been optioned and has landed some of the most major editorials in the market.
Lovisa was chosen as one of the top ten newcomers for sprig 2008 and she is sure to be a necessity for the fall 2008 show season. Keep watch for Lovisa, you'll be seeing much more of her.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Who's Next? Sarike

Looking like she's stepped out of lord of the rings, elfin Sarike caught my eye about a year ago.
Lets hope that her modeling career isn't limited to these two fantastic shots.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Australia's Abbey Lee

You've heard it on COACD, then you heard it on, finally you're hearing it here, Abbey Lee Kershaw is the cat's pajamas.
This Australian may be the only winner of a covergirl contest to ever conquer the high fashion modeling industry. You thought Catherine was the biggest thing out of oz, take a look at Abbey Lee.
Abbey has been highly successful in Australia for nearly the past 4 years and now, since moving to NY in march and signing with Next, Abbey has been optioned for all of the best editorials and campaigns.
Abbey just wrapped up shooting the pre-fall D&G campaign with Mario Testino, but don't worry, he couldn't afford getting her exclusively.
Simply put, come fall 2008, all you will see is Abbey Lee.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Who's Next? Yana K

Aside from having the most popular name in modeling, this Yana K has a face that stays in your mind. I am in love with this blonde and i am excited to see her go far. Keep watch!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

The buzz about Bernier

At 15 years old, the last thing you'd expect me to call Pamela Bernier is a veteran. But with over 2 years of modeling experience under her belt, Pamela is already more experienced than many others in her industry.
Pamela has been Canada's darling for those 2 years, appearing in a near monthly rotation in every major fashion mag in the great white north. This has made Pamela's book exquisite and New York has taken notice.
Pamela is signed with Marilyn and the options are seriously piling up. Pamela is still in school right now and that is the only thing keeping her from the big leagues. Pamela's elegance is so strong it is hard to believe she just had her fifteenth birthday. This will not be the last you see of Pamela, lets just hope she remembers where she came from.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Who's Next? Lucia

All of those who watched Petra Nemcova's "a model life", don't be ashamed, you are not alone. Brilliant Brazilian Lucia is one of the finalists and is now signed with Elite NY.
This ever gracious and simply stunning girl is one to watch, she has already had huge success in Asia and will hopefully see the same success in the high fashion industry. Keep an eye out for her, we'll be seeing her soon.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Inspiring Iris

German bombshell Iris Strubegger has returned on the scene. After walking the Calvin Klein runway in 2003 and landing a major Armani ad campaign, Iris appeared in I-D, Another and The Face. That was then, and this is now.
Iris is now signed with Supreme in NY and is probably the hottest new commodity in the modeling scene. She was hand chosen by casting agent superstar Russell Marsh to appear in "Arrivals" a story in the current POP about the newest, freshest faces.
Iris Walked a singular show in Paris last season which ended up being her only show for all of Spring 2008. That show was Dries Van Noten (Below), Which she opened. Iris could be seen this week as well, in NYC at the Valentino Pre-Fall presentation. You don't have to know much to know that this girl, or women some could say, has the recipe for success. Iris has already been optioned for every major editorial on he market right now, but has shot only the best. It is Paul Rowland's managing and imaging genius that can keep this seasoned veteran interesting. This intense exclusivity makes her most wanted for the Fall 2008 season which, yes, is creeping closer and closer. Next season, Iris will be on everyone's most wanted list, mark my words.

IMG's Parisian Perfection

IMG Paris has been leading the industry in model development for quite some time now, and they show no signs of slowing down. The hundred or so new faces at IMG Paris are nothing short of amazing, below are my four favorites of the moment.
Anna Gushina 5'9"
Stef 5'9"
Caite Frolova 5'11"
Truus Hooiveld 5'11.5"
With a development board that includes these 4, it is hard to choose who to open the Fall 2008 Prada show in February. Game on!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

It's all about Egle...

Major's Egle Tvirbutaite has been on the scene for nearly 2 years and is anything but a newcomer. However, in recent months, Egle has hit her stride and is most definitely a supermodel on the rise.In recent months, Egle has shot for Italian Vogue, landed the cover of Wonderland as well as the french connection and Gianfranco Ferre campaigns.

It is Egle's incredible versatility and professionalism that can near guarantee the longevity of this young women's Carree. Expect lots of fun surprises from egle in the months to come.

Who's Next? Olivia

This Swedish belle is super fresh on the scene, when i stumbled across this Polaroid i couldn't help but think she is destined for great things.
keep watch for Olivia, her versatility will take her far.