Thursday, February 28, 2008

Anna Selezneva, Dark Horse

Some may recognise Anna Selezneva from last season, she walked for select shows like Dries Van Noten and Celine. To others, Anna is still an exciting new, exquisitely beautiful face. This season is turning out different however. Even without an appearance until Paris other then Blugirl in Milan, and a slow start in the city of lights, Anna managed to land some pretty serious shows opening Balmain and closing Yves St Laurent mere hours ago!
Anna could be the girl to watch who broke out in a big way within those ever important final three days of Paris Fashion week. The Dark Horse who keeps everyone on their toes until next season. And with that mystical symmetry and the Height needed, Anna has the undeniable beauty that makes a star.

What does it take for such an unknown face to close such a major show? Look at Anna. She's going to land EVERYTHING this week.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Who's that Girl?!?! Stephanie Carta

Balenciaga pre-fall 2008, models included Egle, Daiane and the unknown face of Stephanie Carta. Yet another Aussie with Next, Stephanie has quickly become a favorite of Balenciaga as this is the only place we have seen the 5'11" brunette since that show months ago.Since then, not a single editorial nor a runway show, Stephanie showed up again at the Balenciaga show this morning. Could this be a very exclusive partnership, are there hidden politics? Or, god forbid, could it be that the infamous brand just really loves this beautiful face? We'll have to wait and see, but once Balenciaga releases Stephanie from its jaws, she's bound to be everywhere. stay tuned...

Aline Ascending

One's Aline Weber, another comeback story of the fall 2008 season, but possibly the largest one thus far! Aline has been in the business since 2005 but it is this season that the Brazilian bombshell has exploded.

Like most comebacks, Aline disappeared for some time before slowly re surging in Brazil. The classic, statuesque beauty began appearing near monthly in Vogue Brazil before seriously rocking Sao Paulo Fashion Week. But once One found her and she hit NY, that's when the serious bookings began pouring in.

Aline walked for Proenza Schouler, Narciso Rodriquez, Marc Jacobs and Calvin Klein in New York and Alberta Ferretti, Burberry and Pucci in Milan. The ball did not stop rolling there as Aline walked Maison Martin Margiela yesterday in Paris.
Despite all of that show success, Aline's major moment came this morning when she opened the breathtaking Fall 2008 Balenciaga show. This is one of the few girls who can go from Balenciaga and absolutely land a major VS contract. I may be eating my words in years to come, but does anyone else see a young Gisele? Contract or not, Aline is bound to become one of those rare Fashion Chameleons that we are all so fond of. You can count on Aline's ascension to continue into spring 2009, we've got a star on our hands people...

Monday, February 25, 2008

Who's Next? Julia

Placed exclusively with Nathalie Paris, Julia Shvets is a new face with room to grow. she has just been seen opening Veronique Leroy. Could this be Paris' dark horse? keep watch....

Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Garden of Eden

We first saw Eden Clark in the Burberry Spring 2008 show in Milan. She was absolutely an unknown in that show but it was obvious that there was something to this interesting face.
Eventually, others caught on in the Industry and Eden is now an instant sensation. in the last couple of days in Milan, Eden walked for Burberry, Marni and Prada and her options in Paris are seriously major. Eden can be seen right now in both Dazed and Confused and Italian vogue shot by Steven Meisel. With Mr. Meisel and Russell Marsh on her side, this Quirky girl at One may be quite the force in upcoming months. Loving the Androgyny!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Life in the Fast Laine

Meet Amanda Laine, the 15 year old Canadian winner of the V magazine/ Supreme models search. Amanda is a superstar, and a genuinely amazing person. Discovered playing Basketball in Canada, Amanda abruptly jetted off to New York with Supreme for tests and ultimately, a contract with the Agency.

Early on, Amanda walked for Rad Hourani in New York and instantly fell under the radar. It was all for good reason as Amanda was busy fitting looks for Prada. When the newest canadian it girl hit the Prada runway, the buzz began.
Amanda has since walked for Marni and been optioned for almost every major show in Milan. With bone structure like that and those amazing eyebrows, this one's here to stay!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Model Update: Natalia C

I first introduced you to Natalia with Women Milan in early february, but since then, some serious things have happened for this Russian. Prada serious.
Natalia had a total book makeover then immediately went into hiding. We saw her again for the first time as she opened and closed Prada's breathtaking Fall 2008 show in Milan today.
The show is a model blessing and pretty much assures Natalia will have a major career. Look for this defined beauty in Paris for Miu Miu then expect some major Editorials and Campaigns in upcoming months. A star is beautifully born!

Who's Next? Natalie

Previously seen at Jeremy Liang in New York, Natalie made a real splash as one of the new faces at Rad Hourani. Despite vanishing, i feel that Natalie is going to have a serious moment come paris. Who can deny that polaroid? stay tuned...

Monday, February 18, 2008

Who's That Girl?!! Dasha Bichevina

It's all about exclusivity this season, Calvin only had one entirely new girl this season and now Jil Sander has followed suit. Russian Dasha Bichevina was introduced to the world today as she hit the Jil Sander Fall 2008 collection as the only brand new and previously unseen girl.
With the slew of new faces that Prada drops each season, the spots for exciting new faces are becoming much fewer and far between. It is the Mystery of certain girls that cause us to take that second look, i.e. Toni Garrn. Lets hope that Dasha's round face and beautiful eyes can keep others interested for many years to come.

Who's Next? Martha

The confirmed Gucci exclusive this season, don't know if she has what it takes to be around forever, but she'll sure be around for now. Brazil's Martha Streck is buzzing!

A Truely Beautiful Somers

Ford's Kate Somers is yet another amazing Canadian who is conquering the runways of the world. Despite another slow start in New York, Kate wrapped up the week hitting some pretty good shows! Marc by Marc, Marc Jacobs mainline, Vera Wang and Tuleh just to name a few.
A finalist in last years Ford supermodel competition, Kate is an easy pick out of a crowd. Her angelic eyes and lovely lips are the stuff of legends, and lets not even start on her killer body!
Kate's New York run may be causing a stir, but word on the street is that her european options and confirmations are seriously major. With the big shows in Milan starting in mere hours, we'll soon find out whats there when the dust clears...
Could Kate Somers be the next Canadian superstar?

Friday, February 15, 2008

Who's Next? Olesya

Not quite the same Olesya that I've been gushing about for a while now, this NEW Olesya is with Women Paris. And she's fabulous! lets hope she rocks the Paris shows!

Alice's Wonderland

Meet Alice Burdeau, the Australian sensation who is one of the hottest new faces in the industry. This 19 year old Redhead is well connected as well, fellow model and australian Abbey Lee has been friends with her since elementary school. Alice began fashion week this season walking the smaller, lesser known shows. however, after being cast for Proenza Schouler this auzzie exploded! Alice ended the week in new york with the biggest show of NY, Marc Jacobs.
To some of us, Alice is a new face, but for a select few, we know that Elite's newest star actually won a season of Australias Next Top Model! Don't tell anyone that though, the top model curse has seemed to pass over Alice.
Launching this stunner as a new face is one of the smartest things Elite has done in a while, she's got definate star power! Alice isn't showing any signs of slowing down either, she has walked Giles and Christopher Kane in London already and with Europe on the horizon, a supertar is born!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Who's Next? Nastya/Asia

They may have not decided on a name for Nastya, but we can be sure that she is going to be a big thing in the next few years! AMAZING!

Comely Karmen's Comeback

Another sudden surge, Next's Karmen has unleashed a booking frenzy for fall 2008 walking every major show in New York City.First hitting the shows in London three seasons ago and walking for Marni in Spring 2007, Karmens' success has hit recently and in a big way.This latest classic from Next proves that the agency is having a serious moment. Karmens classic beauty is a favorite already of Marc Jacobs and Donna Karan. Karmen's rocking london as we speak but wait until she hits europe to see this budding star hit the big leagues. This is face that could be here to stay for a long time.

Gushing about Georgina

Fall 2008, the season of second chances, just keeps giving! It is the third show season for Women's Georgina, and this season she hit new york with a vengance!
Georgina has been hitting all the cool shows this week and i have personally heard many wondering "who's that girl?" She hit her peak when landing the star-studded Halston show.
Georgina's enticing eyes and amazing lips make her a Fall standout. She is young, fresh and very very versatile, keep watch as Georgina hits Europe by storm. So expensive, no?

Who's Next? Sam

Amother cool New York Models girl, Sam Rayner is amazing! let's hope Europe aggrees...

Monday, February 11, 2008

The Girls that Matter out of NYC

New York City rarely breaks a star, but this season was different. We saw 5 girls start out strong and continue that way in their first show season. These 5 are sure to make serious splashes in Europe, so keep watch for them as their careers explode!

all superstars in the making!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Model Update: Natalia

Supreme's Natalia is no mystery to Clotheshorse readers, but she still remains one in the industry. The only girl on to remain unidentified from the Calvin show, Natalia will be remembered soon enough. After disappearing off of Supreme's website in mid january, some began suspicion that Natalia would land the ever coveted, Calvin Klein exclusive. This did not go through, however, Natalia still managed to make a lasting impression on the Casting Directors of New York.
Natalia not only walked for Calvin Klein, she hit Marc Jacobs, Rodarte and Philosophy in those final days. The Thing about Natalia is that she is not supremes typical star, but somehow she works.It's all about Natalia right this minute, and now that she is not caught in Calvins show trap, lord only knows what kind of bookings she will land in Milan and Paris. Could Natalia be marking the long awaited return to beauty? We sure hope so!