Thursday, September 11, 2008

It's a Supreme Season

Imogen Morris-Clarke
Evelina Mambetova

Evelina and Imogen are among the two strongest girls coming out of New york this season. Both hit Marc Jacobs and both hit Philip Lim and Vera Wang. It's truly a supreme season with these two under their belts and on their boards. Also with Darya's options brewing like they are abroad, just wait and see. When it comes to runway, Supreme's still untouchable.


Anonymous said...

Ahh Imogen my new favorite! Such a hit on the runway this girl is great!

Anonymous said...

How can you say Imogen is a breakout star of New York when she didn't get Marc Jacob or Calvin? Those are 2 most important shows in NYC.
Anya K from Marilyn is definately the breakout star.

ryder said...

imogen looks like masha taylena.

Bobble Bee said...

Indeed. Supreme has really the best new faces