Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Magnificent 10... Spring 2009... Imogen

6. Imogen... Next

Imogen not only has one of the most unique names in the industry currently, but she also has an incredibly effervescent prescience. First marc by Marc and Rodarte, next Prada, Mcqueen and Miu Miu. Imogen is here to stay. This is not the typical model success story however, Imogen switched agencies post season despite her success at the time. We are curious to see what piles up for Imogen as her star status increases... stay tuned. This Imogen will not get lost in the heap.


MG said...

She's beautiful. Great feature :)

Anonymous said...

She didn't walk Lavin. Her bookers at Storm did a real great job with her in Paris...

Hope that switch was worth it.