Friday, September 21, 2007

Giles leaves us all smiles

The pressure on London this season was crazy. With such a boring and redundant week in New York last week, all eyes were on London to show us something different. Christopher Kane did that exactly, shying away form his usual body hugging dresses to something inspired by his babysitter. But the real delight was, as expected, Giles Deacon. Giles showed some of the most wonderful clothes i have seen in a long time. His inspiration is unclear, but the clothes were so undeniably esthetically please one could help but smile for Giles.The show included some pretty interesting fabric innovation and wild prints. The fur on the coat above is not fur per say, but elastic bands meticulously sewn. A print of a blurred Kate moss was seen frequently as well as a print of Bambi with his head partially cut off and blood squirting form the wound. What is amazing about Giles Deacon is that he is able to make us question what we are wearing and opens our minds to new things.
Everything from the colors to the hats to the fishtail braids seen on all of the models heads was so thought out and fit so perfectly that i can do nothing but praise this show. Giles Deacon is without a doubt the future of fashion!

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Anonymous said...

are you serious about the squirting decapitated bambi?
Anti M