Sunday, September 16, 2007

London, You're On!

With a more lack-luster than usual week in new york city, the stage is most definitely set for London to show us something different and directional. In recent times, London has never been one to disappoint creatively but it is three designers ideas that are really getting the world buzzing. Gareth Pugh, Christopher Kane and Giles Deacon have given fashion folk reason to spend that extra 500$ and visit the city's fashion week. All eyes are on these three during the next 5 days, including mine.
Gareth Pugh Fall 2007
The first of the three designers is the eccentric Gareth Pugh. Gareth is known for his incredibly innovative and entirely unwearable clothes. His theatrical shows include mile high heels on a billowing fabric runway and models who are only able to see and breathe through their latex hoods out of three strategically placed pinholes. Gareth has been quoted in saying that all he desires is to "break even and show what i like". His nightclub inspired looks have great potential to be toned down and incredibly chic and that is what buyers and editors alike are hoping to see for spring 2008.
Christopher Kane Spring 2007
The youngest of the three and my personal favorite is Central St. Martins graduate Christopher Kane. With only two collections under his belt and a cult following including Victoria Beckham, Mr. Kane is destined for great things. His reinvention of the Bandage dresses so popular in the eighties has caught the eye of Donatella Versace who has invested in his brand new company. Less then a week ago, Christopher's entire collection was stolen from his London studio, Chris has said he will resew all 23 looks before his show date tomorrow. Good luck Chris, we'll be watching!
Giles Fall 2007
The Grand daddy of my three English gentlemen is Giles Deacon. Giles is the designer who single handedly rebooted the worlds interest in English fashion. He has been called the next McQueen and is the only designer other than McQueen himself that the late Isabella Blow wore within the 7 years before her death. Giles' ability to combine the theatrics and undeniable creativity with wearable, beautiful clothes is what has made him such a star. On his runways he has shown fur hoods, feather dresses and scarves basically drowning the models wearing them, but underneath it all, the man sure knows how to cut a great dress. All eyes are watching Giles this season at both his signature line and the line he created in collaboration with Daks. and as cliche as it sounds, all we can expect form this genius is the unexpected!

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