Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Marc goes mad!

Two hours past the scheduled time, fashion editors and celebrities alike were shocked when a overly eager Marc Jacobs took a sprint down the runway before showing any clothes. If only they knew how significant this to the clothes that would follow.
Marc decided to pull a "Victor and Rolf" and show his collection backwards, explaining his initial run out to the runway. His interpretation of this upside down world was much different then the dutch duo and truly remarkable. From the trompe l'oeil underwear dress on Coco Rocha to the pumps with the heel protruding from the ball of the foot these clothes make you really take a second, third or 10th glance.Marc never ceases to amaze in his accessories, whether at Louis or in his own line. In this show, he showed not only those truly crazy shoes, he showed a bevvy of what i am calling the "parasite" bag, which looked like a smaller, better bag was slowly feeding off of the square, bland totes the models were carrying. Hats are proving to be quite significant this season and the ones at Marc were nothing short of exceptional.
The clothes were layered in Marc's signature sense but the deconstruction seemed to be something new for him. It worked really, i must say i am thoroughly impressed and pleasantly surprised.
did he dissapoint? buyer yes, fashion editors no, me? DEFINATELY NOT!
and always happy to see simona doing the big shows!

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Anonymous said...

congrats on the blog. I love your description for the "parasite bags", and the "heel for a toe" pump is cool!
Anti M.